Don's Wacko Tunes

This is the home of Don's Wacko Tunes, where we explore odd new territory in music while trying to avoid injuring directionless barnyard animals or under-caffeinated microorganisms.

If your imagination isn't overly tethered to a sinking rock, come along with Don to savor some seriously silly songs. Just some of those include:

-Sasquatch in my Pumpkin Patch
-Brain Eating Amoeba
-Cone of Shame *
-Zombie Congressman
-Mollified by Stock Photography **
-Paranoid of Asteroids
-Take a Selfie
-We're the Chess Team
-I'm Flotsam *
-Connoisseur of the Cat Box
-Stuck in a Corn Maze

* New Mexico Music Award winner
**New Mexico Music Award nominee 

The website-wide music player will occasionally stream wacko tunes. This includes songs from Don's three wacko albums: MORE Don's Wacko TunesSocially Inept and Lunatic Tunes by Don

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Three Don's Wacko Tunes videos appear below.