The following are descriptions of some of Don Shearer's CD projects. 

  • Strange Terrain - This artful 2018 release features electronica-infused instrumental adventures of the Southwest with piano, percussion, synths and nature sounds. It's an inspiring tour of unusual sonic settings. (If you'd like a CD copy, send us a message via the Contact Us page.)
  • MORE Don's Wacko Tunes - Released in 2016, this bundle of balderdash continues DS's detour into derangement with songs such as Under-Caffeinated, Zombie Congressman, I'm Flotsam, Mollified by Stock Photography, All My Friends Inflate, and Bigfoot Ate My Book Report. (Send us a note via the Contact Us page if you'd like a copy of this CD.)
  • Socially Inept - This 2014 release contains 14 tunes of supremely ludicrous content. They include: Take a Selfie, Socially Inept, Overpaid Athlete, Sasquatch in my Pumpkin Patch, Cone of Shame, Pursued by Blimps, Paranoid of Asteroids, and many more. (Visit the Contact Us page to order this CD.)
  • Across the Dry Plains - New Mexico Portraits in Sound - Released in 2012, Across the Dry Plains draws upon the color palette of diverse instruments to paint sound portraits celebrating the beautiful landscapes and landmarks of New Mexico. Song titles include Autumn Aspens, Cruisin' Central Avenue, Fragile Desert Life, Keys to the Spaceport, End of the Trail, and many more.
  • A Strange Orbit - This 2011 release takes listeners on an unusual orbit around the galaxy. The song titles for these contemporary instrumental pieces closely match the music's sonic flavor. Each of these pieces has a spacious piano melody at the center, driven by insistent drums and percussion to keep the deep space ride going. The music is quiet but compelling.